About Us

Astroshop.al is only an online store, to me the existence of a physical store (Elbasan), which is presented and suggested by professional retailers of organized retail trade, with many years of experience and specialization of each in the whole maintained, offering a cheerful and rewarding purchase proposal to customers.

The objective is to provide quality products, looking for more materials to provide materials to provide materials, providing services and products for astrological products, within a platform for lovers, more to provide services for the creation of splendors and craftsmen of distribution.

Astroloshop.al was created with a simple mission: To make the No. 1 choice for online shopping for customers in products such as: bags, wallets, cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, clothing, fragrance, astrological times, saying enjoy another previously better life and an easier lifestyle.

The slogan of Astroshop.al is "Online with Online Services". This service will provide customer service a new shopping experience, in favor of the reality of everyday tires.

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You have the flexibility to send you the order of information in any way you offer, in 24 hours, 7 days a day
You have convenience, achieving your purchases from wherever you are
Have speed, saving sight from queues at crates and avoiding excessive shifts
You have a service, with direct delivery to your location
Trust, changing between a wide variety of products and offers at the best prices
You have consistency, taking the order given, using and as when the crown
For loyal customers they offer prices and discounts to give in this way.

Albanian vision
The company's vision exists "To create a new shopping experience, online with your service!"

Our values
It all starts with our values. Astroshop.al offers us reliability, quality, professionalism and operational speed.

I offer good quality customers more for products at competitive prices. For us, “Quality” is clearly not a word, but a passion.

We respect connections today and behave with showmanship and integrity.


With a collective spirit and positive energy, set up daily assessment exercises for various services and companies.
We are interested in the clients of this
Customers look at the center of everything we do.